An original wedding ring for her and him. No matter where you decide to seal your love, wedding rings will always be a symbol of your life joined together. Come and create them together during goldsmith's workshop in Kamenářský house in Turnov. Idea of people who were in love
Years ago, my friends Klára and Míra asked me if they could make their own wedding rings. At that time, I had a small jewelry workshop in the garage and I immediately liked their idea. We joined our creative forces and worked together all day to create original jewelry, which they still proudly display today.How does the workshop work?
Are you excited about making your own wedding rings as a symbol of your love? Even if you have no experience with the goldsmith's craft, you can still create rings according to your idea. In one day, with my support, you will conjure up original jewelry that you will wear for many years.

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Individuální workshop pro pár + cena materiálu

9 000 Kč