Moul is everywhere. Mould build colonies just as people building cities. It is able to create extensive colonies during one hour. It  is also capable of total destruction of its habitat. Its very aggressive, but fascinating at same time. Controversial beauty of the mould, growing up from small colonies to bigger and bigger "cities", which collapse having completly exhausted its habitat - a process reflecting how civiliozation develops and collapses. Of course, we can expect same process afther the exhaustion of our living space. So...? What about being less aggressive?

Mould city

necklace, silver 925, crystal resin, string, mould, plastic, 67, 85g, 100x300 mm, 2016

Created for Legnice jewellery festival - SILVER 2016

Headless ladies

Jewelery stand for symposium in Železný Brod. 

PCB board, Barbie doll bodies, 150x180x130 mm, 2015